Special August Offers!

We are running two special offers for the whole month!

If you are an unverified customer on The Rock Trading Ltd, you can verify yourself in order to be able to deposit and withdraw FIAT currencies and you'll need to wait for less confirmations when depositing cryptocurrencies. If you verify your profile during August, you will enjoy a full week (7 days) of trading with zero fees!

If you are a verified customer, you can request our The Rock Debit Card! If you do so, you'll enjoy a full month (30 days) of trading with zero fees!

And if you want to tell a friend about this, just open a ticket through our support system in order to have your own referral link, to give to anyone you wish.

If you have comments or questions about anything that may be related to this offers or to The Rock Trading Ltd, contact us!

We hope that you'll enjoy our special August offers... And stay tuned, there's more to come in the next months! Posted By rockerduck vella, under The Rock Exchange 10-Aug-2015 01:38pm
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