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Introducing Bitcoin Fixed Return Bond

The Rock is pleased to introduce Bitcoin Fixed Return Bond.

You may buy on our exchange our bond at a nominal price of 1 bitcoin per unit

We will pay a fixed monthly dividend of 1% based on initial price of 1 Bitcoin per unit

Total Issue: 1000 units (1000 Bitcoins)

Guarantee buy back at 0.97 Bitcoin cents

When all units are sold, you’ll be able to trade it at your discretion


a) This proposal, being in Bitcoin only and offered on our website, does not interfere or has anything to do with Second Life ltd and its TOS.

b) The Rock maintain the right to call back all issued bonds at its own discretion at a nominal price of 1 bitcoin per unit.

Posted By rockerduck vella, under Bitcoin Fixed Return Bond 07-Jun-2012 09:46am
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