Insurance for !

The Rock Insurance Co. is now ready to provide insurance for your deposits (some limitations apply) at Pyramining.

Pyramining is a Bitcoin mine which has been around for a while and looking to finance its next growth through an innovative financial system.

Please read a description at:

How is it going to work?

1) You’ll have to open your account with one of our referral numbers which we will provide to you upon request.

Please submit your request for a Referral code at : info

2) Open your account with our referral code and make your deposit

3) Because Pyramining is a “read only” site, you may securely send to us your access code which cannot be modified by us. This way, we will be able to verify the amount deposited and verify use of our code.

4) At this point we will send you an official mail which will attest your coverage.

Please note: We will insure amounts up to 100 Bitcoins only for each account

We will issue up to 3000 Bitcoins total exposure. When fulfilled, we will no longer issue new certificates unless we will decide to raise our limits.

We keep the right to refuse an insurance request if we feel unsecure with the demander

Certificate will automatically expire when the account will be fully refunded. If insurance claim will be eligible, we will pay only the outstanding amount still open.

We will pay our insurance certificates in case Pyraming is not going to honor its commitment.

We will not pay our insurance certificate if Bitcoin will be declared illegal by the USA and/or The European Union

Costs: No cost for you to get our insurance

Our Gain: Because you are going to utilize our referral code, we will make a gain from it.

Why do we do this?

Because we know where and by whom Pyraming is owned, we feel quite comfortable to assume such a risk.

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