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The Rock Exchange monthly report and dividends

Another good month for The Rock Exchange!

This month, as forecasted, we saw a decrease on our currency exchange due to big players moving in and out. Still, our base, is nicely growing and getting new customers on a daily basis.

Among important news, I would like to remind a couple of them:

1) Digital Arbitrage IPO (still ongoing)

2) Linden RISK API

About the Risk API, I would like to spend few extra words. Since we implemented this important tool, even though we lost few customers because they do not qualify, we realized how risky was for an exchange ( I’m talking Stock and Currency) not to have it!

Now, between the partial coverage of The Rock Insurance Co. and Linden Risk API we are proud to claim that our Stock Exchange platform is the most secure one in SL!

Now, let’s go to our divs!

We are paying for the month of January 142787 lindens or 14.24 lindens for each outstanding share

Total dividends paid since January 2011 are now Lindens 676028 or 67.60 lindens for each share!!

A total return of over 67% in a year since IPO at 1 linden!!

What can we say? Thank you to all of you to make us the most profitable public company in SL!!!

Posted By Rockerduck Vella, under The Rock Exchange 31-Jan-2012 12:13pm
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