New Verification Process

We have just uploaded a new version on "My Personal Data" page:
what is most important is the introduction of a new verification
process for those who need to abide AML/KYC rules.

As you know, TheRock will ask all users to be verified starting
from 1st June, if they want to deposit/withdraw FIAT money.
We are proactively looking to adopt best practices, anticipating
standards for a mature Bitcoin market.

To improve user experience with verifying documents, we partnered
with Jumio. Jumio provides real time ID verification, especially
targeted to Bitcoin exchanges, which includes advanced face recognition.

This will makes the process much easier for users, while increasing
both processing time on our side and better fraud checks.

Final note: users that do not deposit or withdrawal FIAT money,
DO NOT need to verify. Even if this may help in building a good
trust relationship.            Posted By paci barbarossa, under The Rock Exchange 12-May-2014 10:30am
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